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More than anything, August Dillon wants to be a hero. Standing in his way is Randall Coburn, a man who sees August as an adopted son and the heir to his destructive legacy at Phoenix Paramilitary. August languishes at Phoenix until he meets Meryn, a woman with incredible power who promises to give him the gifts he needs to be the world's first superhero, if only he'll pledge himself to her cause.

Meryn introduces August to a universe full of life, none more powerful than The Circle, an order of immortals on the verge of civil war. Too powerful to fight for themselves, the Circle chooses champions to fight their battles for them, and August is Meryn's hope to win the peace. To do it, he must face off against his rival champions, a group that includes his former mentor. Coburn, enraged by August's desertion, takes up arms with the enemy and plants himself squarely in August's path to victory.

GODSEND is a thrilling debut novel, alive with character and humor--instantly familiar to fans of superheroes from both screen and comics.

Godsend is superhero fiction at its best, a fast-paced, high-stakes story with plenty of laugh out loud moments. August Dillon is an imperfect hero you just can’t help rooting for, and I cannot wait to see what he does next. This is a must-read for anyone who loves superheroes.
Colleen Vanderlinden, author of the StrikeForce series

The CIRCLE WAR Trilogy:




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