Matt King

author of The Circle War series

As a bounty hunter for a shady paramilitary company, August Dillon isn't living a life he’s proud of. All he’s ever wanted was to be a hero, and he finally gets the chance when a race of immortals bring their civil war to Earth. In exchange for his promise to fight, August is armed with a potent healing factor and enough strength to bench press a Chevy. It’s all he can do to keep from giving himself a cheesy name and donning a cape, but he soon realizes that having powers doesn't make you a hero, and running from your past doesn't mean it can’t follow you.

The shadow of war closes in quickly, and with it comes a wave of enemies eager to test August’s mettle. His otherworldly foes are more powerful, their armies more vicious, and just as the war is set to explode, a dangerous enemy from his past strikes, one who has his sights set on acquiring August's powers for himself.

GODSEND, the first book in The Circle War trilogy, will be released in 2017.

THE FIRST DEATH OF AUGUST, a short story companion to The Circle War, is now available on Amazon, or download for free.

THE TRIA, a short story set in The Circle War universe, is available on Amazon and as a free download.

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