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Thorku tells the story of Thor's search for the mighty Mjölnir. The trickster Loki has banished the weapon to the ancient city of Los Angeles and Thor must find his way across the United States to find it. Not exactly the hardest thing for a god of thunder to accomplish, so Loki has placed him under a spell of drunkenness. On top of that, he can only communicate in the ancient poetry form of haiku. Good luck, Thor.

HERE'S HOW IT WORKS: I'll be mailing Mjölnir out to a friend of mine in L.A. for safekeeping. We'll get a picture of it from time to time to let Thor know it's okay. If you're out in L.A., make sure to keep a lookout for it at the clubs. Ain't no party like a Mjölnir party. Meanwhile, I'm also shipping Thor to New York. The rules are that a person can hand off Thor to anyone they know to help him reach his goal--but he needs to travel the country the old fashioned way. No shipping. He can go on a plane as long as it's not stopping in California. As one person hands him off to another, they can send me a picture of Thor in their city and I'll add the haiku captions to tell the story of his travel.

The hope is that we'll get Thor to visit as many states as possible on his way out west. This is the first time I've done a project like this that will see my action figures in the hands of strangers, but I'm weirdly okay with it. I want to see where he ends up, so this is like my trust fall into the hands of America. Don't let me down, mang.

First image will be coming in the next couple of weeks once I get all the logistics lined up.

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